SuperSix is a tabletop roleplaying game about super heroes.  It will allow you to tell stories about super heros like in DC/Marvel comics or more recently in movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

SuperSix is a tabletop roleplaying game about super heroes

What a roleplaying game is ?

Roleplaying game is a sort of boardgame.

It allows many participants to tell a story together. On of them is the game master or GM and tell the story. The other participants embody characters, the super heros who will be the main character of the story.

Then, there are a lot of roleplaying game books which give to the GM and other players, some basic stuff to play.

  • An universe, to tell them wath sort of story they will tell
  • Game mecanishm to tell them how to tell this story (who sayt what, when ? How to know if a character succed or fail?)

What about super heroes ?

Super Heroes are some people with fantastic abilities likt super power who fight the evil.

Most of the time they used a suit to hide who they are and protect the person they love.

This is this kind of person you will be in SuperSix.

OK I wanna play SuperSix the roleplaying game about super heroes, how to do that?

There are some stuff to play SuperSix on  the page but today most of the stuff is still in french.

I will update this page soon when english version of the discover kit will be available to download.